Authentic. Hand Made. One of a Kind.

E. Kraemer Fine Metal & Woodwork is a New Orleans based fabrication studio that specializes in metal, custom lighting, and wood work. Each custom piece is constructed with a constant focus on quality and built at the tightest tolerances possible. Our personalized design process provides each and every client with an innovative design solution that is truly unique.

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E. Kraemer is driven by the idea of creating unique furnishings using the finest materials to pass on to the next generation. 


The sky is the limit when it comes to creative projects. While much of our work is architectural metals, we enjoy jobs that challenge us and allow creative freedom.



Our creative team has extensive experience designing and fabricating uniquely functional pieces to enhance your customers experience.

Beauty, Strength and Versatility.

These qualities make brass an exceptional metal for countless architectural needs. Its sleek and modern appearance brings effortless elegance to any space. Brass is an excellent choice for custom projects; hearty and stylish while being antibacterial and non corrosive. 

E. Kraemer Fine Metal and Woodwork has 15 years experience with brass fabrication, and is set up to produce custom brass pieces as unique as you can dream.

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"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary..."               -Aaron Rose


Lighting is the heartbeat of any room. Think of it as functional art, creating depth and ambiance to its space.

Design the perfect architectural lighting solution for your home or business.

From elegant old world style chandeliers to sleek, contemporary light fixtures, E. Kraemer LLC offers turn-key solutions to bring out the best lighting in any space. 

From concept to production, our design team will offer unique and elegant solutions to your custom lighting needs.


Walnut chandeliers inlayed with brass

Walnut chandeliers inlayed with brass

Modern Classic

Consider metal doors in steel, brass or copper as a dramatic element to your space. The customization options are limitless, with any shape, size or profile available to best suit your needs, as well as new, old or textured glass.

Architectural doors can be used for both interior or exterior usage, adding understated elegance to any project.


Rugged Beauty. Unpretentious Warmth.

It’s an ageless mix of natural hues and distressed finishes which brings warmth to a room, while being hearty and built to last.

Ideal for both commercial and residential spaces, a variety of wood and metal can be used, making it suitable for any size space or budget.

Reclaimed wood/blackened steel retail display

Reclaimed wood/blackened steel retail display

Reclaimed wood belt rack

Reclaimed wood belt rack

Reclaimed wood/steel rolling barn door

Reclaimed wood/steel rolling barn door

Retail display and vitrine

Retail display and vitrine

Retail display and vitrine

Retail display and vitrine

When store bought parts are just not going to cut it…

Every other aspect of the project has been well thought out and carefully planned. Do you really want to go with stock hardware?

With 3 lathes in a variety of sizes and a milling center, E. Kraemer LLC has the ability to control the manufacturing process and can meet the meet the exact specification of the design requirements, whether it is a traditional spinoff, a modern look or anywhere in between.